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CyberTalk – With Rex M. Lee & Merle Garrison


CyberTalk is a show centered on current news supported by the Journalist’s Creed with no political spin right or left.  CyberTalk is hosted by Tech Industry Insiders Rex M. Lee and Merle Garrison.  Rex M. Lee is also an accomplished journalist who has authored numerous articles for publications all over the world that include The Epoch Times, MissionCritical Communications Magazine, Money Masters, and The Vision Times.  Merle is a highly accomplished Podcaster and is the Co-host for the widely popular Over 50 Starting Over Podcast seen by millions Worldwide.  CyberTalk will feature non-bias panels that will include journalists, subject matter experts, business professionals, and everyday people who will discuss topics that include world news, technology, cybersecurity, privacy, and pop culture.  We believe in diverse opinions on important matters.  We believe that Freedom of the Press, Free Speech, and The Freedom to Assemble Are “Human Rights” devoid of politics and “Cancel Culture”.  If You Do Not Like The Truth, Change The Channel!

Lead Cast

  • The Texas Winter Storm Power Outages: Is Green Energy to Blame?

    • Season 1 2021
    • March 3, 2021
    • 40 Minutes
    See Facts about the Texas Winter Storm Power Outages that the Mainstream Media will Not Publish! Journalists Rex M. Lee & Merle Garrison, IBMTV's CyberTalk investigate the real reason the power failed in Texas. This investigative report exposes the impact renewable energies, such as wind and solar, have on an electric grid during a record breaking winter storm that led to a catastrophic power failure in Texas causing injury and death.
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