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CyberTalk – With Rex M. Lee & Merle Garrison


CyberTalk is a show centered on current news supported by the Journalist’s Creed with no political spin right or left.  CyberTalk is hosted by Tech Industry Insiders Rex M. Lee and Merle Garrison.  Rex M. Lee is also an accomplished journalist who has authored numerous articles for publications all over the world that include The Epoch Times, MissionCritical Communications Magazine, Money Masters, and The Vision Times.  Merle is a highly accomplished Podcaster and is the Co-host for the widely popular Over 50 Starting Over Podcast seen by millions Worldwide.  CyberTalk will feature non-bias panels that will include journalists, subject matter experts, business professionals, and everyday people who will discuss topics that include world news, technology, cybersecurity, privacy, and pop culture.  We believe in diverse opinions on important matters.  We believe that Freedom of the Press, Free Speech, and The Freedom to Assemble Are “Human Rights” devoid of politics and “Cancel Culture”.  If You Do Not Like The Truth, Change The Channel!

Lead Cast

  • The Texas Winter Storm Power Outages: Is Green Energy to Blame?

    • CyberTalk 2021
    • March 3, 2021
    • 40 Minutes
    See Facts about the Texas Winter Storm Power Outages that the Mainstream Media will Not Publish! Journalists Rex M. Lee & Merle Garrison, IBMTV's CyberTalk investigate the real reason the power failed in Texas. This investigative report exposes the impact renewable energies, such as wind and solar, have on an electric grid during a record breaking winter storm that led to a catastrophic power failure in Texas causing injury and death.
  • Climate Apocalypse: Will Green Energy Save Us?

    • CyberTalk 2021
    • March 19, 2021
    • 40 Minutes
    Have world leaders and billionaires politicized nature as a means to acquire power & wealth associated with “Fear & Climate Change”? You be the judge. Climate Change Apocalypse covers the history of Sun produced global cooling and warming dating back to the 2,500 BC. Hosts Rex M. Lee and Merle Garrison expose the political and media hysteria behind climate change dating back to the 1960s showing a history of how credible scientists and the media have been wrong about apocalyptic predictions that the world will end as a result of human made carbon emissions. Climate Change Apocalypse exposes the real science behind global cooling and warming using information and data from climatologists, meteorologists, The Paris Climate Accord, The Green New Deal, NASA, and the United Nations Climate Panel.
  • Renewable Energy: Green For The Environment Or Green For Billionaires?

    • CyberTalk 2021
    • March 24, 2021
    • 1.15 Hour
    This CyberTalk investigative report exposes how billionaires are reaping huge profits from “Enviro-Capitalism” as their companies develop clean energy technologies paid for by tax payers. Additionally, this report exposes the fact that renewable energy such as wind, solar, and nuclear are very expensive to develop while harmful to the environment, including onshore and offshore. Reports from the University of Harvard, University of Miami, and Amnesty International expose dangers to the environment while multinational corporations centered on clean energy are exploiting humans, including children, who work in dangerous mines extracting cobalt, manganese, and other minerals needed to support clean energy. This explosive report exposes how Western Nations, such as the United States, will become dependent on foreign countries, including China, for clean energy. See who is really benefitting from our migration from fossil fuels to clean & renewable energies.
  • Digital Tyranny & Tech-Based Hybrid Warfare

    • CyberTalk 2021
    • March 31, 2021
    • 1 hour
    Hosts Rex M. Lee and Merle Garrison engage in a panel discussion with author Wayne Lonstein, Founder VFT Solutions, and CEO Jay Glasgow, Privacy CO-OP. The panel will address Digital Tyranny associated with cyber-censorship, cancel culture, digital discrimination/oppression, and digital-genocide (de-platforming). The Panel will also address tech-based hybrid-warfare threats from China and Russia.
  • Brain Hijacking- Addictive, Manipulative, & Harmful Apps

    • CyberTalk 2021
    • April 7, 2021
    • 1 Hour
    Our panel address “Brain Hijacking” which is a tech industry insider’s term for exploiting app end user’s for financial gain by way of intrusive, addictive, manipulative, and harmful apps & platforms. Tech Industry Insider/Journalist Rex M. Lee, Merle Garrison, and Barry Edwards expose illegal and harmful business practices associated with Intrusive, addictive, manipulative, and harmful technologies developed by Silicon Valley tech giants. This shocking panel discussion exposes the fact that Google, Facebook, and others developers use addictive and manipulative technologies for the purpose of High-jacking their end user’s brain in order to manipulate and control their end user while exploiting the end user for profits at the expense of privacy & safety whether the end user is an adult, teen, or child.
  • Tech Oppression- The Rise of Corporate Authoritarianism!

    • CyberTalk 2021
    • April 14, 2021
    • 1 Hour
    CyberTalk Welcomes Author Wayne Lonstein, Disruptive Technologies & Forbes, to the show. Our panel will be addressing Tech Oppression and The Rise of Corporate Authoritarianism. The panel will be addressing tyranny and communism by proxy via fanciest corporations. The panel will be focusing on big tech censorship, digital discrimination, the loss of civil liberties, and cyber-genocide by de-platforming plus other compelling topics.
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