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Media Monday


Discussions with Subject Matter Experts about developing media content and defining elements from script to screen .

Lead Cast

  • Meredith University Students discuss Media and Education

    • Season 1 2021
    • February 22, 2021
    • 1hr
    3 dynamic women from Meredith University share their stories and interest in the media world with Nick Paleveda, Kimberly Calhoun and global panelist David Cay Johnston and Dr. William Danko
  • Hollywood Producer and Actor Adam James

    • Season 1 2021
    • March 1, 2021
    • 1h
    Adam James shares his journey into the media world providing valuable tips of what it takes to go from book, to script to screen. With Host Nick Paleveda and Kimberly Calhoun and Global Panelist David Cay Johnston and Dr. William Danko
  • Guest John Fanning Jr. Shares his New Game worth Investing in

    • Season 1 2021
    • March 8, 2021
    • 1hr
    John Fanning Jr., the son of John Fanning, founder of Napster, created the next generation games for mobile devices and you can easily invest in it at a crowd source funding site and it is .50 per share and you don't have to purchase thousands of dollars. . Watch and learn the new idea and where you can invest.
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